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Solar PV Immersion Relay – Solar iBoost
Solar iBoost – Uses your PV array to give you FREE hot water!

The Solar iBoost concept is to use the surplus photovoltaic energy generated at your home to heat the water in your household water tank and save you money.

You will benefit from:
• Maximising the use of the free solar energy generated at your property
• Cutting the cost of heating your water
• Reduced use of your boiler

Solar iBoost uses ONLY energy that would be exported, unlike some similar products, so you take the opportunity to use as much of the free energy that, unless you have an export meter, you are paid for anyway!

Here’s how a typical household will see the benefit of SolariBoost:

In a household with a PV array generating a 2kW surplus, just 2.5 hours is needed to raise a 100ltr tank temperature from 20 ˚C to 60˚C giving a saving of approximately £0.50 per day based on average energy prices. (Feb 2013).

Fully Fitted Solutions
Fully Fitted from just £349 – in the Northamptonshire area – Please call us to discuss your options or contact us online.

Buy the Solar iBoost – £349 including VAT, fully fitted.
Price is based on fitting in the Midlands area only – contact us for installs further afield:
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Or purchase the SolariBoost Unit Only -
Buy the Solar iBoost Unit – £259 including VAT, and postage.

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